If you require multiple extractions prior to getting a full set of permanent dentures but are apprehensive about living without teeth while you wait, immediate dentures may be right for you. At Implant Denture & Dental Center, we offer immediate dentures as one of many denture services. To learn more, or to address any questions or concerns you have regarding the best denture option for you, call to schedule an appointment today. Making it easy to find a convenient appointment time.

What are immediate dentures?

Immediate dentures are placed into your mouth on the same day your teeth are extracted. They are also commonly referred to as temporary dentures, as they don’t last as long or fit as well as conventional full dentures.

Many people choose immediate dentures to achieve a great smile right away. Your gum tissue will still need to heal, but you can wear your immediate dentures throughout each day while the healing process takes place.

Am I a good candidate for immediate dentures?

While immediate dentures may have many perks, they’re not for everyone.

The most positive aspect of immediate dentures is that you’ll have teeth as soon as you leave the office. You’ll also get a jump start on learning new speech patterns and eating habits while you wait for your permanent dentures to arrive. A set of immediate dentures can also serve as a handy back-up in case your permanent dentures break or are lost.

One of the downsides of immediate dentures is they’re one more service to pay for when purchasing dentures. Also, because your immediate dentures were crafted from measurements taken prior to having your natural teeth extracted, the fit may not be as seamless as with conventional dentures.

We will discuss your specific needs during your consultation. If needed, he can work with your dentist to coordinate your path from extraction to full dentures.

What’s the process for getting immediate dentures?

The process begins with an appointment with Implant Denture & Dental Center to measure your mouth. Once your extractions are complete, the new temporary dentures are fitted into position. In some cases, the back teeth are extracted first, which allows us to create immediate dentures with a better fit.

You may need to come back to the office to adjust the fit. As your gums heal, their shape will change, and your dentures might shift. A temporary relining material can be used to improve the fit. Some patients come in for four to five visits before they achieve the ideal fit.

When you’re ready to get started with conventional or immediate dentures, reach out to Implant Denture & Dental Center by phone to schedule an initial consultation.

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